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As author and illustrator of Ozzy Ox books, Emily Hagen and I are honored and humbled when asked to read and sign books!  A little weird, I am not going to lie, to autograph anything, but we are truly grateful for all the love and support we've been given during Ozzy's debut. 

But--the children!  Seeing their little smiles of understanding --it’s why we work so hard to bring Ozzy to life! We have heard from so many that the lesson that Ozzy learns in all four books are resonating. There's our reward!

Ozzy Ox--out and about!


Summer Reading Kickoff

I was one of the North Dakota authors chosen to participate in the ND Department of Public Instruction's 2024 Summer Reading Kickoff at the Capitol Lawn. I found it so rewarding to hear the children reacting to Ozzy and telling me about their best reads.  AND - it was great to meet the other authors participating! Thank you ND DPI 

This little girl showed me how she channels Ozzy Ox's morning attitude in Ozzy Ox Moody Morning!  

This Miss ND Prairie Rose Rodeo Queen comes from a long line of rodeo queens - her aunt is the reining ND Rodeo Queen, who wrote a book and was one of the attending authors! 

We love to see listening little ears! 
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Emily Steele, owner of The Story Nook, Jamestown, ND, hosted our very first Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash Book Signing and Reading.  Illustrator Emily Hagen was there to show every one of the 22 illustrations in the book.  Such a memorable time for us!  Thank you!

Introducing Ozzy

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