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Hello from Author & Illustrator


The author of the Ozzy Ox series of children's picture books is a woman with a stolen identity.  She wanted to steal the face of someone younger, but was threatened by a plastic surgeon first. Failing to steal a younger face, she did manage to steal a younger name.  No, she wasn't born "Callen Kropp."  And she didn’t see “Callen” on a baby name list.  She "invented the name," by taking her maiden name, “Allen,” and combining it with the initial of her first name, Connie. This isn’t a new idea—Connie tried to get each of her three kids to name a grandchild “Callen.”  Realizing that any baby Callen would be tied forever to their quirky grandmother, they nonsensically declined the suggestion.  Some people just don’t have taste.  

Previously known as the artist Connie (she’s not an artist but whatever— if Prince can use it, why shouldn’t she?), her legal name is Connie Krapp. Yes, you read that right.  She was sure that surname wouldn't resonate once she became a Best-Selling Author, so she went out and bought a vowel.  

You’d think that her husband, Oren Krapp, would be concerned about this abandonment of his surname, but the exact opposite is true.  No more will he see his wife using “O Krapp!” on letterhead, street signs and Facebook posts.  O Krapp! 

But will they ever see “Callen Kropp” on a Best Sellers List?  Does anybody know if there’s a “Worst Sellers List?” O Krapp! I hope Callen is never on it!  So, help her, would you?  Please check out the Ozzy Ox books - there’s four of them now.  All are light-hearted rhyming tales that not only entertain, but deliver great messages that help children learn everyday life lessons. 

The four Ozzy Ox books have met good reception and have great reviews from readers and industry professionals.  Connie had a long award-winning career in corporate communications in which writing and graphic skills were paramount.  She is delighted to hand those skills over to Callen as she takes her beloved Ozzy Ox out into the big wide world! 

Born in Medelia, Minn., Emily Erickson Hagen grew up in Fargo, N. Dak., where she began painting as a teen.  She paints on a variety of surfaces using a wide array of mediums, but especially enjoys illustrating children’s books.  As a busy wife, mother and grandmother, Emily knows the joy that picture books bring to children. 

A passionate lake lover, Emily enjoys time with family and friends at their Minnesota summer cabin.  Her West Fargo home is a testament to her passion for painting and art; she has also adorned her backyard chicken coop with vibrant designs for the flock of chickens she fondly calls “her girls.”  ​
North Dakota illustrator Emily Erickson Hagen brought the pages of Ozzy Ox to life.
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