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Cute and clever
“Loved this cute and clever story about the good reasons to listen to Mom! The rhyming story and colorful illustrations add to the light hearted tone. But the story's lesson is important. You can change your mind when you learn something new. Such a fun story. I'm looking forward to reading it with my elementary students and discussing what Ozzy Ox learned!"
- LZ, Amazon Review

Very Cute!

“This is a very cute and adorable rhyming book about a young ox learning to love socks. The rhyming is adorable and will keep the children engaged. I love the moral of the story that another persons views can be heard and possibly may make things better. I loved the use of the ox as well, the main character was very sweet. Beautiful illustrations!” 
- Lisa Jacovsky, Amazon Review

Reviewed by Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers' Favorite  - Five Stars!

"During the winter, the oxen in the Land of Ox dress in warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold weather. 

Unfortunately, little Ozzy does not like putting on socks, even when his mother insists that they will keep his hooves warm. Ozzy tells her that socks are tight and finding a matching pair is troublesome. He thinks his 'boofs' are enough to protect his hooves from the snow. 

Ozzy and his mother discuss this at length and decide to try out the weather. Who is right; Ozzy or his mother? Grab a copy of this book to find out. 

Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks is a cute and entertaining story that teaches children to listen to other people's opinions.  Everyone has an idea they think is correct, but we have to be open to the possibility that we might be wrong, which is how we grow and mature.  Callen Kropp does an outstanding job of conveying this message in a way that children will understand. The author has created unique words for the story, like boofs, showcasing her creative talent. 

Ozzy is an adorable, stubborn calf that many kids will relate to. His personality was evident in his body language and expressions, which can be seen in the colorful and eye-catching illustrations. The art also contains Christmas themes that make this a great holiday read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn or teach their children about the importance of listening to other people's views.


Ozzy learns another lesson!

“I love the first 3 books and this one did not disappoint! I feel like Ozzy is one of my own, with my girls and grandkids going through some of the same incidents and learning a lesson, I had to giggle. The colorful illustrations, the rhyming story makes it so fun to read. Thank you Callen for bringing Ozzy to our homes and Emily for bringing him alive with your vivid and beautiful illustrations!”

—-Jan Lees, Amazon Review



Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks
was such a fun read with my son. It was a familiar theme to the constant back and forth we have in real life about dressing warm in the winter. It has a great message to teach about listening to others opinions and learning they might be right, or just know more. We have read the book already several times and continues to be a request from my son.

--- M Michaels, Amazon Review

Successfully retains its charm and humor
As a part of the Ozzy Ox series, this installment seamlessly follows the success of the first three books. It retains the charm, humor, and educational value that readers have come to expect from Kropp's creations. "Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks" not only makes a wonderful addition to winter-themed children's books but also stands out as a treasured gem in any family library, continuing the legacy of the Ozzy Ox series with warmth, humor, and a valuable message for young hearts and minds. 
—Demetria Head, A Look Inside Blog & Podcast

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Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks, the fourth installment in Callen Kropp's delightful Ozzy Ox series, stands out as a charming addition that not only maintains the series' whimsical appeal but also offers a valuable lesson for young readers. Kropp's ability to blend humor, relatable situations, and an important message is what makes this book a standout choice for children aged 2-8.

One of the book's strengths lies in its relatability to parents, tapping into the universal challenge of convincing children to dress appropriately for the weather. Kropp skillfully weaves this everyday dilemma into the narrative, making it a humorous yet insightful exploration of the parent-child dynamic. The struggle between Ozzy and MomOx adds a layer of entertainment while subtly conveying a message about the importance of considering different perspectives.

The vivid and colorful illustrations further enhance the storytelling, capturing the essence of winter and engaging young readers with the Land of Ox. The visual appeal not only complements the narrative but also makes the book an immersive experience for children, inviting them to explore the winter scenes alongside Ozzy.

Kropp's decision to infuse the story with rhymes adds a playful cadence to the prose, making it an enjoyable read-aloud experience for parents and educators. The rhythmic flow contributes to the overall accessibility of the book for its target audience, fostering language development and an early appreciation for the joy of reading.

The central theme of the book, emphasizing the idea that children can change their minds and value different opinions, is a powerful and positive message. This underlying lesson sets "Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks" apart, offering more than just an entertaining story. It encourages young readers to embrace flexibility and openness to diverse perspectives."
---A Look Inside Blog & Podcast

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