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Great vocabulary, Easy and Fun to Read!
I read this book with my 6-year-old, and he absolutely loved it! It follows Ozzy, a grumpy ox who learns valuable lessons about managing emotions and teamwork while interacting with farm friends—a cat, a cow, a crow, and some horses. The book uses fantastic vocabulary, making it an excellent tool to teach children about farm animals, and it emphasizes the importance of cooperation and learning to deal with emotions. Overall, it's a charming, educational read that entertains while imparting crucial life lessons.    
  —Amazon Review

Great book!
“A great book to help readers gain perspective of how our behaviors affect others. A fun story teaching great lessons with wonderful illustrations. No child will be disappointed! A must have for all children.” 
--MM, Amazon Review

Another fun book!
“Ozzy wakes up in a bad mood, and the day unravels from there! It's a great book about the effect we have on others, and how we can make it right. The pictures are fun and keep your attention on the story!” 

—ckduenow, Amazon review

Lessons Learned With Love
"This book, written as a charming poem, shares an important message to share with the children you love. Through the antics of Ozzy Ox, we embark on a journey of self discovery and recognizing the importance of doing what is right, as well as owning up to our mistakes.  A fun read to share with kids!"

--Macy Lane, Amazon Review

"Laugh out loud read that teaches valuable lessons  “The drama-filled day is no fun for the animals, but kids will laugh loudly at the crazy scenes. Three cheers to the storyline (writer: Callen Kropp) and artwork (artist: Emily Hagen) 
... Ozzy Oz learned several valuable lessons in Ozzy Ox: Moody Morning. One, treat others how you want to be treated. Two, choose
your words carefully and realize how your words and actions might affect the day. Third, friends help friends in need. No one can be happy 24-7, 365 days a year; however, we can teach our children to think before they speak and treat others with kindness. Make better choices!”
—  Kam Brook, Reedsy Reviewer

"Callen Kropp’s picture book, Ozzy Ox Moody Morning, is a clever way to teach young readers responsibility and what can so easily happen if a bad temper takes over. Told in a lyrical rhyming verse with fun-filled illustrations, the plot develops in an almost unbelievable chain of events from a simple tantrum to a screech to the destruction of property to all manner of disastrous situations. As Ozzy Ox watches the morning unfold, he realizes how devastating a simple tantrum can be and he’s full of remorse. However, his animal friends rallied together and their collaborative efforts put everything right again. Ozzy Ox learns an important lesson about friendship, kindness, and caring for others. We all make poor choices, but everything that is broken can be fixed again, even friendships. This is a great story to encourage young people to be accepting of others and ready to forgive and, most importantly, to make better choices so disastrous events like those caused by Ozzy Ox’s temper tantrum don’t happen again."
--Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Reader's Favorite

Cute story

Cute story about learning to use your words and how they can affect others. Friends are there for each other to help when they are not happy and need some picking up. Good way of teaching kids about helping others and how to use your words.
--Marci C., Amazon Review

Cutest children book series
“Love the ozzy ox series, and my grandchildren love it too. Cute easy to read stories for my 8 year old grandson to read to me, and for me to ready to my 1 year old grandson and grand daughter. Stories are so cute and pictures are wonderful. Must have series for your collection! 
-- Tracy Schlag, Amazon Review

A must-read for children, parents and educators
"Ozzy Ox: Moody Morning" by Callen Kropp is a delightful addition to the Ozzy Ox series, delivering a heartwarming lesson to young readers about the significance of their words and actions. In this charming rhyming children's picture book, Kropp crafts a tale that resonates with both entertainment and valuable moral lessons.

The story begins with a relatable scenario: Ozzy Ox's grumpy mood sets the stage for a morning full of unexpected chaos. Through a series of entertaining events, readers are taken on a whirlwind adventure where tempers flare, accidents occur, and a cacophony of sounds fills the pages. Kropp's storytelling prowess shines as the narrative unfolds with rhythmic rhymes and an engaging plot.

What sets "Ozzy Ox: Moody Morning" apart is its ability to teach young readers the importance of responsibility, empathy, and the power of friendship. As the consequences of Ozzy's early-morning temper tantrum ripple through his neighborhood, children learn that their actions can have a profound impact on others. The story beautifully illustrates the notion that even in the face of mishaps and misunderstandings, the bonds of friendship and teamwork can help mend relationships and rebuild what has been damaged.

The characters in this book are not just whimsical; they carry relatable emotions and experiences that children can connect with. The vibrant and expressive illustrations complement the narrative wonderfully, bringing Ozzy Ox and his colorful world to life.

In conclusion, "Ozzy Ox: Moody Morning" is a must-read for parents and educators who wish to instill essential life lessons in young readers while entertaining them with an engaging and whimsical story. Callen Kropp's storytelling and the vivid illustrations make this book an invaluable addition to any child's library, leaving a lasting impression about the power of kindness, responsibility, and the enduring strength of friendship.

—- Demetria Head, A Look inside Book Review Blog & Podcast

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