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Lovely Book: 

'Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" is a delightful children's picture book that imparts an important lesson in a straightforward and engaging manner. The story revolves around a relatable scenario – a messy room filled with toys and a curious young ox named Ozzy that falls over his toys and injures his head. Ozzy's accident sets the stage for an important lesson: the consequences of not keeping one's surroundings tidy. The diagnosis of "Toy-I-Tis" cleverly personifies the notion that neglecting one's toys can lead to accidents. Children will be captivated by the charming characters and colorful illustrations. The message of the book resonates with both children and parents, as it promotes responsibility and safety in a simple and engaging way. "Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" is a valuable addition to any library. I highly recommend this book. 
-Nielle P Marques, Amazon Review

A testament to the power of storytelling
"Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma," the third delightful installment in Callen Kropp's Ozzy Ox series, is a heartwarming and insightful tale that beautifully explores the themes of responsibility, compassion, and the healing power of humor. In this charming story, young readers are introduced to Ozzy Ox, a lovable character who embarks on a journey of self-discovery." 
--Demetria Head, A Look Inside Blog & Podcast

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"The story begins with Ozzy's typical morning mishap, as he stumbles over the toys he neglected to put away the previous night. What appears to be a minor incident soon takes an unexpected turn, leading Ozzy and his devoted Mom Ox on a whirlwind trip to the emergency room. The narrative cleverly highlights the consequences of Ozzy's actions, offering young readers a valuable lesson in personal responsibility.

However, "Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" goes beyond the immediate consequences of Ozzy's accident. Kropp skillfully delves into the emotional repercussions, allowing readers to witness the impact of Ozzy's actions on those around him. Ozzy's realization that his toys feel abandoned and his Mom Ox feels guilty for what transpired opens the door to a heartfelt exploration of empathy and compassion.

The beauty of this book lies in its ability to convey these essential life lessons with humor and charm. Young readers will be captivated by Ozzy's adventures and will be able to relate to his experiences, whether they've had similar mishaps with toys or faced other challenges in their young lives. Ozzy's journey is a wonderful reminder that mistakes happen to everyone, and it's how we respond and learn from them that truly matters.

"Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" is not just a story; it's a vehicle for teaching children about understanding, compassion, and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. The vibrant and endearing illustrations complement the narrative beautifully, making it an engaging and visually appealing reading experience.

"Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" is a remarkable addition to the Ozzy Ox series. Through the lovable character of Ozzy, young readers are offered an invaluable opportunity to explore the complexities of growing up, learning from their mistakes, and developing empathy for others. With humor, charm, and memorable characters, Kropp has created a book that is not only entertaining but also educational, making it an ideal choice for children and their families. This book is a testament to the power of storytelling in imparting essential life lessons to young readers, and it is sure to become a treasured addition to any child's library.

Another lovely book! 

"A delightful book to share with the grandkids. Great job!

Sue Backer, Amazon Review

"Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma is a children's book that should be kept in every home library for young readers so that they learn how messiness, no matter where you are, is an accident waiting to happen. I look forward to reading more of Ozzy Ox's stories in the future."
Rosie Malezer for Readers Favorite

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One day Mom Ox hears a horrible thud and rushes to the bedroom of her son, Ozzy Ox. Ozzy Ox had fallen over his toys and a very large lump was starting to form on his head, so his mother took him to the hospital. Nurse Nate and Doc Ox tended to Ozzy Ox while his mother waited frantically for an update. Finally, she hears of Ozzy Ox's diagnosis - Toy-I-Tis - when a youngster neglects their toys. Mom Ox takes her son home with medication for his head bump, and Ozzy Ox notices that his skateboard is on its side - the same skateboard that had caused his slip and fall. Ozzy Ox cleaned up his room after learning a painful lesson about keeping his things tidy in his room. Doing so means that you will be safe from such horrible and painful falling incidents in the future.

This is one of the most direct and to-the-point tales I have read in a long while. Quite often people tend to over-explain things, but Callen Kropp has kept the story and the message simple, making it very easy for all readers to learn and understand how to avoid such accidents - keep the room tidy. Emily Hagen's illustrations brought Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma to life beautifully and ensured that each and every reader would become immediately engaged with the characters. I liked that the sequence of events from the noise caused at the beginning to the cleaning-up message at the end gave this tale a very realistic feel."


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