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Ozzy Ox Picture books help children make good choices.
Welcome to the Land of The Ox!

Presenting a new children's picture book series featuring Ozzy Ox, a rascally young character whose capers help your children learn to make good choices. CHECK OUT OZZY AT THE ND DPI SUMMER READING KICKOFF HERE!  

All Ozzy Ox books come in hardcover and paperback, and are available at 
Amazon here. Also online at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks and other online retailers. 

You'll also find Ozzy at Story Nook and Dakota Store in Jamestown, ND, and at Words To Live By Bookstore in Mandan, as well as Ferguson Books in West Fargo  We'd love to see you in the OxCar--so come on along!  

Callen Kropp, Author of Ozzy Ox Series

"...a charming and insightful literary gem that stands out for its vibrant storytelling, endearing characters, and invaluable life lessons."

"....Kropp's storytelling prowess shines as the narrative unfolds with rhythmic rhymes and an engaging plot."

"...a heartwarming and insightful tale that beautifully explores the themes of responsibility, compassion, and the healing power of humor." 

In paperback, hard cover and Ebook, all four Ozzy adventures are available on Amazon at this link.

"Ox Stands Against Socks is a cute and entertaining story that teaches children to listen to other people's opinions. "

Hardcovers for distribution may be ordered by libraries, bookstores, etc. at IngramSpark.

Check out this 1-minute of fun--a glimpse of Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash!


Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash 

Yay!  The first book in the Ozzy Ox series--Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash-- is being widely acclaimed and has received great reviews! Heralded as "a literary gem," and a "lyrical treasure," Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash has been received by hundreds of families with great enthusiasm, too!  

5-Star Reader's 

Read Candy Stash Reviews here

The Ozzy Ox Channel

The Ozzy Ox Channel

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Ozzy Ox:  Moody Morning

When was the last time you woke up on the wrong side of bed?  How did that work for you?  In Ozzy Ox:  Moody Morning, the young Ozzy begins his day with some choice words for his cat. Finn Cat’s raucous response is a screech heard around the Land of Ox, and Ozzy is soon in disbelief how quickly the neighborhood comes together while the day falls apart.  Is Ozzy able to address the consequences of his moody morning?  Ozzy Ox:  Moody Morning is a hilarious tale sure to resonate with your children.  

"This is a great story to encourage young people to be accepting of others and ready to forgive and, most importantly, to make better choices so disastrous events like those caused by Ozzy Ox’s temper tantrum don’t happen again."
                         ---  Emily Jane Hill Orford, 
Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

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5-Star Reader's Favorite! 

Read Moody

5 Star Review copy.png

Ozzy Ox:  Toy Trauma

"Ozzy Ox: Toy Trauma" is not just a story; it's a vehicle for teaching children about understanding, compassion, and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. The vibrant and endearing illustrations complement the narrative beautifully, making it an engaging and visually appealing reading experience."

An ER isn’t where you’d expect a lad to show concern for others. But Ozzy Ox Toy Trauma delivers a tender moment of compassion when you least expect it.

5-Star Reader's Favorite! 

SASoutside7x47x72 OxMomRockSox.jpg

Ozzy Ox Stands Against Socks

5 Star Review copy.png

“Oh no!,” wailed Ozzy, in a fit.
“Will I wear socks? No no! I’ve quit!
I just hate socks, you know that’s true.
They bind my hooves and make them blue!”

“I never find a matching pair.

One disappears, right in thin air!
And what is worse than any ox
Who goes without at least one sock?”

5-Star Reader's Favorite! 

"Ozzy is an adorable, stubborn calf that many kids will relate to. His personality was evident in his body language and expressions, which can be seen in the colorful and eye-catching illustrations."

Ozzy Ox in Candy Stash steals candy for a special cake


  • Learn about words and language formation

  • Notice individual sounds (example: the common ending “-ig” in wig, pig, jig)

  • Spark their own imagination and poetry-writing skills (a lifelong skill)

  • Appreciate the artistry and impact words make, especially in creating emotion

  • Enjoy a fun, engaging, and memorable reading experience---our Ozzy Ox series WILL deliver!

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