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Where's YOUR candy stash?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day: “Feeling guilty because last night I helped my husband look for the chocolate that I ate.”

So why are visions of opened chocolate chip bags tucked in the far reaches of my freezer floating through my head right now? Along those lines, have you seen Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween show in which he calls for videos of parents breaking the news to their children that they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy? It’s bittersweet—a part of you feels bad the kids are so heartbroken. But you can’t help but laugh at their reactions: down right desperation. 

So, what’s your candy stash story? Everyone who knows him realizes my husband, Oren, stashes his sweets in a slot on the inside of his pickup door. I don’t know if it’s a throwback to the years he thought he was fooling our kids, but he still acts like an undercover sleuth sneaking up on a meth lab when he taps into his “secret” candy stash. The same guy who overwhelms the surround sound in a movie theatre when retrieving popcorn from its paper bag manages to soundlessly slip from the crinkly wrap in the slot in the pickup door complete fistfuls of gum drops-- undetected! The candy man, at it again. 

 And here I am, at it again too—bragging about the release of my first children's' picture book--Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash. Coming July 31 on Amazon. You can check out my Author Page (still a work in progress) ahead of time at . 
 In the meantime, it’s late. At night. Do you know where YOUR candy stash is?


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