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Reading and Signing Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash at The Story Nook 10:30 AM, Sat. Aug. 26!

Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash first reading and signing

It's been a couple weeks now that we opened the gate on Ozzy Ox. He's found his way online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads. And now he's knocking on the doors of local bookstores. Our first reading--and book signing-has been scheduled for Sat., Aug. 26, 10:30 AM at THE STORY NOOK in Jamestown, ND (109 First St. West).

Illustrator Emily Erickson Hagen paints

Every Saturday at 10:30 AM, Story Nook owner Emily Steele hosts Reading Time. We'll not only be reading Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash, but Illustrator

Emily Hagen will be there too! We'll bring a few of her real life illustrations along so that she can show a little about the wonderful process that she uses to bring Ozzy books into living color!

Emily and I will be all set to sign any Ozzy books already out there--and we'll have plenty of copies at the store for you to purchase as well. So set your calendar for Sat.. Aug 26, 10:30 AM at The Story Nook. -- just west of Babb's Coffee Shop, or east of Gun and Reel!


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