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Happy Fourth of July Storytelling!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Red, white and blue.  What does it mean to you?  As the Independence Day approaches, I remember July 4, 1989 when it was 101 degrees in the shade and we still played the annual softball game.  I recall 2004, when the day average was not even 60, but the wind made it feel more like 50.  We shivered under several layers of blankets by the lake.

Fireworks figured in always, but so did storytelling around the fire.  It’s what I cherish the most. Once Oren became a grandpa, it seems his fireside tales got even taller.  He’d start the first story, and it was typically based on summer and fireworks, the county fair and the lake.  Then, the grandkids would take their turns.  Most were a creative version of their Papa’s story, but all packed a punch of their own.

Telling stories that made sense wasn’t relevant.  Telling stores that had settings, plots or arcs wasn’t important either.  What WAS important was expression—and the countenance that came along with it.  Big eyes and a smirk.  Timid eyes and a bashful grin.  Searching little eyes looking for approval.  Smiling eyes responding to acclamation and applause.  

Story time after dusk,, around a fire.  Is there anything better?  Whether you read a child stories from books, or tell them stories from your heart, there’s no better investment in the life of a child.  Happy Storytelling on this Independence Day!


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