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A beautiful beginning

Last week, as you can imagine, I was working on a big day—the debut of Ozzy Ox. We were exactly halfway to Christmas, July 25. And six days from Ozzy Ox Launch Day.

But a much more coveted occurrence debuted on July 25—one that eclipsed that rascally ox debut infinitely. We welcomed our NINTH grandchild to the world! Rosalyn Mary is a beauty, and is our second granddaughter. She joins two big brothers that apparently will have to get used to having a sister.

On the day they first met Rosie, they were clamorous as usual. Until the doctors came in, that is, and began disrobing their little sister for a physical exam. I noticed that suddenly, the room had become quiet. I looked over at the boys, and the picture below says it best: they covered their eyes!

No doubt, those brothers will take good care of their little sister. They’ll teach her everything she needs to know! Will she grow up hearing tall tales from them? Will she grow up reading Ozzy Ox? I’m sure there will be a copy or two around here somewhere with her name on it! But more importantly, she will grow up with zany story time with her father and papa and reading picture books with Mom and Grandma. There is not a better investment in the life of a chid!

And speaking of reading to children, it is my hope that you will embrace the first of my Ozzy Ox books—Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash -- now that it is launching. Read about the whole Ozzy series on Or go straight to Amazon here! Beginning on Wed., Aug 2 through Sunday, August 6, using the Amazon link, you may download the Ebook for FREE! All we ask is that you leave an Amazon review. In fact, AFTER you read any format of Ozzy Ox: Candy Stash, we ask for an HONEST review on the Amazon site. Doing so will help Ozzy Ox debut in children's hearts all over the world!


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